Astoria Boudoir’s Body Love Project


“I want to lead by example. I want to show (other women) how to love themselves.”

We are so excited about our current project, Body Love, it is an initiative to spark change in our community and the world, by building up and celebrating women for the incredibly diverse and multifaceted individuals they are.

Amanda has an amazing story that she graciously shared with us.

When we asked her about what path lead her to our studio this is what she had to say:

“I was always the chubby kid, all through my life.” All through Amanda’s life the number on the scale dictated how she was treated. People that knew her and even strangers mocked her and teased her for her weight, reinforcing this weight/self-value assessment.

When she found herself in a bad marriage and subsequent divorce she found herself in a series of bad relationships with men. They continued to enforce her lack of value based on her physical appearance. She eventually was abused: physically, emotionally and mentally by the men that she trusted.

Drugs were her eventual escape. Through their use she eventually lost a lot of weight and thought maybe she had found the solution to her problems. It was not until November 2017 when she was literally on the verge of losing everything, literally everything, I called my sister desperate for help. With her support she checked into rehab and started the hard work of getting better, emotionally and mentally

She keeps fighting for herself, in spite of a relapse and the daily struggle she is now strong enough to not only fight for herself but others. Her child recently came out as transgender. She knows as her child’s mom her son’s discovery of who he is and where he fits in, in the world is not an easy one. So she is leading by example. She signed up for boudoir in order to be a role model for her children and other women. “My kids deserve the best in this world and I want to lead by example showing them how to love themselves too!”

Amanda you are strong you are able and you are BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for inspiring me to do my best and show up! Thank you for sharing your story! We LOVE YOU BIG here at Astoria Boudoir!

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