"Because nothing feels better then confidence after having babies ♥️"


"I want the world to see this is beautiful"


Jody is amazing!  Has anyone ever done a boudoir shoot?! Ladies, if you haven't, I highly recommend Astoria Boudoir! This experience was so out of my comfort zone but so rewarding 💞 I had a blast and she made me feel so comfortable in my own skin. My Husband and I got to sit down tonight and look thru all the photos and see the slide show she put together of the shoot...WOW! 😍 like who was that girl on the big screen?! What an amazing, life changing experience to fall in love with yourself. This couldn't have come at a better time in my life...

"The Most Beautiful things a woman can wear is confidence" 

What will confidence look like on you? 

 What will Confidence look like on you? 

The numbers do not make you who you are

You will walk away wearing confidence Boldly   

You will Always have have your sexy no matter your age!

Investing in yourself will propel you further

You are Beautiful NOW!

The Boudoir Photography Experience is for every BODY. 

THE Astoria boudoir photography experience 

Boudoir gallery

What if I told you your WRONG! 
and your RIGHT

They must be Models! 

You're thinking it,right? These women are STUNNING.

These women are Stunning, and they are 100%

These women are Stunning, and they are 100%

So much more than a makeover! The Boudoir Photography experience is life changing

Let's get started

Ready? Let's do this

Celebrating your body not matter what! 

 Your sexy was never lost! 

Every day is a milestone, live your best life now!

Be Kind to your self and Silences your inner critic

You're thinking it,right? These women are STUNNING. THEY MUST BE MODELS! 

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